AI Shack

AI Shack

Over this summer, I've been working on a side project: AI Shack.

What is AI Shack? It's a place where I put simple-to-understand articles/tutorials on computer vision, image processing and robotics.

Why? I never really found any good online resource for this. All I ever found was abstract lecture slides of various universities and academic papers. Not good.

If you're interested in how computer vision works or robotics, go have a look: http://aishack.in/

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Who’s behind all this?

I’m Utkarsh Sinha, pursuing BE Computer Science + MSc Mathematics at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus. I enjoy intellectual challenges in fields like artificial intelligence and image processing and also revel in creative tasks like static & motion graphics design, performing magic.

Recent happenings

We’ve had our sports festival – Spree 2010 : Pure Sport. Amazing it was… huge participation from around India… setting the benchmark for the entire BITS-Pilani university. Four days of pure sport.

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Working on

Nothing. Bliss.

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